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Custom Bathroom Vanities


Custom Vanities

Do you have a bathroom project in mind that you can only dream of but never seen it anywhere? Perhaps, other custom companies charge way over your budget to build it. If so, we can help you bring your one-of-a-kind renovation idea to life and assure that it will be high quality product with affordable price point. Our experienced in-house interior designers will work personally with you to create your dream bathroom makeover from scratch. With our products, we go beyond the standard sizes and measurements; we can build any specific size and style of desire which include bathroom vanities, mirrors, built-in cabinets, linen towers, counter tops or anything else you would want in your project. With our custom projects, sky is the limit.

Semi Custom Vanities

We are proud to work with creditable U.S. based manufacturers that offer pre-built semi-custom vanities that can be delivered to you in a timely manner. This remodeling option would be ideal for you, if you have a specific wall-to-wall space that requires renovation in a timely manner. With semi-custom cabinets, we present you the best quality with best pricing as well as the personal and professional touch of our in-house interior designer’s assistance. Throughout the entire process, our experienced customer service team will make sure to fulfill all of your needs and deliver your order as promised. For a timeless renovation project, our semi-custom cabinets would be the best fit for you.


Special Order Process for Custom Vanities


Wood Cutting


BBW SAC1400 Coutertop Vanities



Special Design Process for Semi Custom Vanities


3D Bathroom Vanity


Semi Custom Vanities